Best Rated Wall Mounted Range Chimney Hood – Top 10 Reviews

Range Chimney Hood is a device containing a mechanical fan that hangs above the broiler, grill, cooktop or stove in the kitchen. It removes airborne combustion product, fumes, grease, heat, moisture, smoke and steam by evacuation and filtration of the air in the kitchen. Range Chimney Hoods make your kitchen free of carbon monoxide poisoning. In some kitchens, range hoods are used in combination with fire suppression devices so that the fumes from a grease fire are properly vented and fire is put out quickly. Range Chimney Hood can also be combined with a fresh air fan that draws in exterior air, circulating it with cooking fumes, which is then drawn out by the hood.

The art of cooking, frying, grilling or boiling gives you a lovely aroma and taste. But it also leaves its impression on your kitchen ceiling and tiles. Over a period of time grime collects over the counter appliances and on the cabinets above your broiler, stove or grill. More than cooking, its the cleaning that is cumbersome and discourages many people from cooking a mouth-watering, tempting, sizzling and sumptuous meal. People also withdraw themselves from cooking a healthy and safe meal with the thought of watery eyes, greasy and grimy kitchen. Now you can cook to your heart’s delight by using a wonderful range Chimney hood.

Range Chimney Hood include built-in lighting to illuminate the cooking surface.  Hood never harms your edible material. It is very easy to install. The canopy filter is unbreakable, durable and cracks proof. Range hoods are always noiseless, you can stay focused on your recipe while cooking. Mostly the range hood controls are electronic, they offer remote control, motorized height adjustment, a thermal sensor, overheat protection, boost mode, delayed shut-off, filter cleaning reminder, active noise cancellation, temperature display and user presets. Range Chimney Hoods available in the markets worldwide are made from a variety of materials such as aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, heat-resistant plastic, stainless steel, tempered glass, nickel silver, zinc, etc. The design of the range Chimney hood is suitable for apartments and condos, as it has space-saving, slim and sleek structure.

Installing wall mounted range chimney hood

Things to consider when buying a wall mounted range chimney hood

  • Affordability:

 Whenever you are shopping for the first and the foremost thing that comes to your mind is the cost of the product that you would like to buy. Always buy the product that perfectly matches your budget. Usually, range Chimney hoods have competitive prices in the market. Don’t be confused between the multiple options, carefully select the ones that are most affordable and cost-effective and the one that also has a long-term warranty.

  • Adjustable:

Choose the range hood that has multiple options that you can use through the touch panel, adjusting a sixty-minute timer, twelve-hour clock and speed fans that can reach up to hundreds of CFM. Make sure that you can easily adjust the brightness of the LED lights with a single touch, to get better visibility at night. Choose the hood range that has at least three venting speeds for different cooking methods. You may be able to adjust the venting speed while frying your food, to collect the grease instantly or adjust the venting speed to collect and filter the fume and the steam while boiling your food. Choose the range hood that has an auto shut off feature, so that the fans turn off automatically after you stop cooking, to save the energy consumption.

  • CFM:

Buy a range hood with correct CFM rating. The CFM rating means cubic feet per minute, the amount of the air the vent can pull each minute. To find the right CFM rating for your kitchen, multiply the square footage of your kitchen by two.

  • Delivery:

Choose the online store that offers free worldwide shipping. While shopping from an international store, always place your order at least seven business days before you are expecting your new range Chimney hood.

  • Easy to clean and easy to install:

Choose the range hood that you can easily clean with your dishwasher without any hassle. Choose the range hood that can be easily installed by yourself, without the assistance of a professional electrician. Consider that the range Chimney hood will vent through the right spot in the wall of your kitchen. Range hood will vent through the cabinets above or through the wall of your kitchen. To make the installation simpler, you can connect your new range hood with a pre-existing vent pipe, make sure that both connect properly.  But if you are installing a hood range where none existed before, use the templates that come with the hood to mark the spot on your wall or cabinet. Then start drilling for your cabinet. Drill or wallboard saw can be helpful to cut through the drywall to get the templated shape of your cutout. Now disassemble the cover of the hood range and also the fan and filter underneath. Remove the filters first then using a screwdriver, remove the bottom panels. Now unscrew the duct connector which usually attached to the bottom side of the panels in order to protect it during shipping. Now remove the perforated duct knockout from the back of the hood. Remember to shut off the electricity to the circuit supporting the hood range at the main electrical panel. In case you are replacing your new range hood with an old pre-existing one, make sure that all the power switches and lights are turned off on the old hood. Finally, connect your new range hood to the main electrical panel. There you are, now your kitchen looks elegant and stylish.

  • Filters:

Remember that the air that is sucked passes through the filters and is expelled out through PVC pipe or duct. The length and the number of bends or twists in the duct affect the power of suction. There are three types of filters:

  1. Baffle filter
  2. Charcoal filter
  3. Mesh filter,

Carefully choose the one that is suitable for the number of fumes in your kitchen.

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Top 20 Best Rated Wall Mounted Range Chimney Hood


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