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Mosquito fogger is a machine powered by either electricity or propane. It sprinkles insecticides into the air as micro-sized droplets creating what appears to be a fog. With lots of rain and warm spring temperatures, mosquitos are more than expected. These foggers combat mosquito population, by killing or repelling them. These harmful insects are very annoying due to their constant buzzy presence and itchy, irritating bites. Mosquitos are potentially dangerous to you as the constant scratching induced by their bites leaves you open to infections. World’s most dangerous diseases like Dengue fever, West Nile virus and Zika virus spread in the whole community, as the mosquitos carry them.

If you and your friends or family love outdoor open air late night parties, mosquito fogger can protect you and your guests from deadly mosquitos. Instead of having to spray yourself and your loved ones with a bug spray, your mosquito fogger will try care of your large yard and get rid of all the mosquitos easily.T his fog is able to penetrate into the depth of bushes,  grass and trees. Mosquito foggers can be used with any pest control material like Black flag insecticides, botanical pyrethrin concentrate, Bifen bifenthrin, Bonide products, Bayer suspend insecticides, concrobium mould control product, Demon max cypermethrin, surfactant and even organic detergent like natural Neem oil.

How to Use a Mosquito Insect Fogger

Things to consider when buying a mosquito fogger

Whenever you are shopping for the first and the foremost thing that pricks your attention is the price of the product. You have to choose the product that perfectly matches your budget. Mosquito fogger is a necessary investment in your health and safety. Usually, it is affordable and cost-effective.

  • Types:

There are two types of mosquito foggers available in the market. Before you buy one it is really necessary to familiarize yourself with their differences:

  1. Thermal foggers:

Thermal fogger utilizes heat to vaporize the insecticides, creating a dense mist that is sprinkled through the nozzle or barrel of the fogger. This fog can easily penetrate hard to reach places like dense foliage, floorboards, long grass and under the eaves. The insecticide is poured into a storage tank located below the body. You can easily pump it through a pipe into the heat assembly chamber at the front of the fogger by pressing a trigger situated on its handle. The solution goes through a coil that is heated to the point where it vaporizes and can be sprinkled through the nozzle as a fine mist. There are three main types of thermal foggers available in the market:

  1. Propane fogger:

These foggers contain a socket on the back where you place the fuel tank full of propane that heats the insecticide. It comes with a canister for attaching the propane tank to the fogging device, so that you can carry your fogger with you whenever you want to fog. This feature adds portability to the fogger, which is preferable and convenient for you. Sometimes the propane tanks are sold separately, make sure you don’t forget to buy the tank separately. You can replace propane fuel with butane as convenient for you.

Turn your outdoors into a mosquito-free zone, even the nooks, gaps, cracks and crannies become mosquito free. But propane foggers are not safe for indoor use or in an enclosed space as the mist can cause suffocation or the risk of asphyxiation. The stains of the mist on the carpet or floor are hard to remove.

  1. Electric fogger:

These foggers heat the heating assembly using an electric coil that needs to be plugged into an external power source. These foggers are safer because they don’t require flammable fuels. But indoors use is not recommended because they generate a lot of heat and reach a high temperature in the process of vaporizing.

  • Commercial fogger:

These foggers use pulse jet heating technology to vaporize the insecticides. They are used on a very large scale like fogging a barn, a farm, a factory or a warehouse.

  1. Cold foggers:

Cold foggers are unlike thermal foggers as they use high pressure to split the particles of insecticide to create a mist. A powerful pump is located in it which pumps the solution out. Some cold foggers use oil-based solution and others use water-based solution. The ones that are compatible with both oil and water based solutions are preferable. The best feature of these foggers is that you can easily adjust the size of the particles emitted by the fogger, simply by altering the rate of the air flow, by turning the flow valve. You can increase the airflow for large particles to kill bugs, while if you reduce the airflow it will kill only mosquitos.

Cold foggers are the safest, there is no risk of fire. These are suitable for both outdoors and indoors use. They can run automatically in contrast to the thermal fogger which requires a man to keep pressing the trigger all the time, constantly.

  1. ULV fogger:

Ultra low volume fogger is a subtype of the cold fogger. Its centrepiece is a motor which gives out a low pressure, it generates and regulates the air flow to convert the solution into a fine spray.

  • Easy to use:

The second important thing to consider when buying a mosquito fogger is its simple use. Choose the mosquito fogger that has an optional remote atomizer hose kit which enables its operation. Select the ones that have zero engine emission in the spray area. Choose the ones that have hour meter or tachometer for digital display when the engine is running. Foggers with programmable maintenance intervals are preferable and easier to use. Choose the mosquito fogger that has an adjustable boom which must be rotatable in 360° degrees in both horizontal and vertical plane.

  • Portability:

The third important thing to consider when buying mosquito fogger is its portability and compact size. Choose the fogger that has the capacity of at least four gallons of insecticide and you can carry it with comfortable heavy duty straps on your back.


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